The four most sought-after countries for Erasmus students

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Discover Germany, France, Poland and Portugal, four of the most requested countries by Erasmus students to enjoy their study abroad programme.

In this article, we will show you the best destinations to get the most out of your Erasmus experience. Want to know more? Read on and find out. 

Among Erasmus students, Spain is the preferred destination when it comes to taking advantage of their scholarship. They love the sun, the beach, and the cerveisita. But, do you know which countries are Spaniards’ favourites in the rest of Europe? In this article, we’ll tell you what they are so you can make your match.


The cities of Germany exude a special charm any time of year. Moreover, the academic institutions have a great reputation, so you’ll come home a pro at what you do. This is ideal for Erasmus students and their destinations!

Germany is very hospitable and this is reflected in the millions of workers from other countries who decide to start a new life there. Who ever said they were grumpy and disagreeable? Maybe you’ll find your new bestie (or a blue-eyed crush <3).

It is also an important economic generator and offers many career opportunities. Making the most of your time will allow you to familiarise yourself with the local culture, improve your language skills and even look for a part-time job. Your assimilation will be very easy, as most Germans speak perfect English. What’s up, mein Freund?

What you can do in Germany

Germany is also known for its rich gastronomy and its pubs. You will never be bored in its main cities. Munich, Bonn, Hamburg, Leipzig or Berlin tend to be the most-requested destinations, but in general, you will find attractive destinations in any part of the country.

Finally, if you like to travel, the location is perfect for visiting nearby countries like Poland, Belgium, Denmark or France. Now you have plans for your free time in advance! You’re welcome ;D. 


Our neighbouring country is full of places that offer culture, art and romance at every turn. Its proximity to Spain makes it an ideal option if you don’t want to go too far away. In just two hours you can get from Madrid to Paris on flights that are usually very economical.

There are several renowned universities in Paris and at all of them you will learn from the most distinguished professors. If that’s not convincing enough, its public transport network is one of the best in the country. That’s a relief, isn’t it? 

Other alternatives

We’ll always have Paris, but not everything is the capital of love! If you prefer an enclave with more affordable living conditions, you can opt for Rennes. A small Celtic paradise without crossing the sea.

The cost of living there is much lower than in the capital and accommodation is much more affordable. Its university is as prestigious as Sorbonne and is one of the most renowned in Europe.


Portugal’s capital is one of the most emblematic places for Erasmus students, but we encourage you not to focus only on Lisbon. The country is full of quality universities, so you could opt for Coimbra, Aveiro or Porto. Did you like the library in Beauty and the Beast? Then catch up with your notes at the very same library!

Portuguese culture is also very similar to Spanish culture. If you don’t feel like changing your habits, you’ll be in the right place. It’ll be like staying with distant cousins.

On a tight budget? It’s one of the most economical countries to live in all of Southern Europe. So, renting a room or tasting a menu will be very cheap. Be warned, though, that when you see the size of the plates, you’re going to die (and then roll off like a croquette).

Enjoy a mild climate

And what about the climate? Most of the country is dominated by the Atlantic Ocean, so temperatures are very pleasant at any time of the year. Even the interior of the country is influenced by it. Summers are cool and you won’t get cold in winter.

If you love water sports, you can take to the waves and go surfing in your free time. You will meet a lot of passionate people with whom you will form lasting friendships. Prepare yourself to have an unforgettable experience with the sound of the sea as background music!


If there’s one country that’s popular among international exchange students right now, it’s Poland. You’ll love the low cost of living and its lively night life. Also, as with Germany, its location will allow you to discover nearby countries. 2 for 1!

The University of Poznań is one of the most famous. It’s located in the north and is therefore very close to Germany: on Friday you go to classes and on Saturday you can have a nice walk through Berlin. However, in Warsaw and Krakow you will also feel very much at home.

Polish nights

Another attraction of this country is its great atmosphere. In Poland you will have no problem making friends with Polish natives and young people from other countries alike. They’re very friendly people and they will be delighted to welcome you. You will discover that, despite the distance, there are not so many cultural differences between us.

Just prepare your stomach when you go out partying. You won’t be able to resist a shot of vodka if it’s offered, as it’s one of the country’s most popular drinks. And don’t forget to say Prost!

What does it mean to be an Erasmus student? This can be is a very complex question. Our advice is that, beyond studying, you should take advantage of your stay to broaden your horizons and discover new cultures. Europe is full of pleasant surprises that you may only be able to experience once.

So, now that you know the best international destinations as an Erasmus student, you just have to choose. At Erasmusu, we’re experts in finding accommodation for students. When you know where you want to travel, go to our website and book your room :). It will become someplace that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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