Studying abroad


In order to be competitive in this ever-changing market, to specialize is the smartest thing you can do.


Studying online will be on the cards from this year, so we want to tell you the benefits of studying a master’s degree online!


Find the best Tourism master’s degrees and those related to Tourism so you can choose the one that suits you perfectly.

International Programmes​


The mobility programme for Spanish students interested in a change of scenery to study at another Spanish university.

Tips for Studying Abroad​

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Being a student is not as easy as it looks, and in this section you will find useful information to help you make the best decisions regarding your studies, as well as the latest news about studies and training. Whether you want to read about online study, courses to study in university, find out which are the best universities or training centres for your speciality or improve your skills as a student, we’ve got it all here!

Find out what to study after your degree

Depending on your field of study, you have a wide range of Master’s degrees and postgraduate study programmes that will help you to dedicate yourself to what you are most passionate about. Have you found a subject that interests you during your studies? Look here for the different master’s degrees and courses you can take to get closer and closer to your goal. 

What to study and how to find the best courses

If you still don’t know what to study, we make it easy for you. Time flies by, and losing it would be a waste, that’s why we introduce you to Erasmusu Education, the platform of courses to study languages abroad with which you can book a course and learn that language you’ve been putting aside for so long. 

You’ll find general courses, intensive courses, summer courses, business language courses, and we’re just getting started! In the future, we’ll also be offering bachelor’s, master’s, training courses and much more for students looking for inspiration for their education.

In addition, thousands of students share their experience on Erasmusu every day by telling us what it’s like to study a Master’s degree abroad, the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad, or even giving us a bit of guidance on which VET to study.