Erasmus Program​


Let’s discover the Erasmus + procedure and all the documents you will need to study abroad.


Getting sick is never part of your plans, even less so when you are going to live your first Erasmus adventure.


The Erasmus programme has joined the era of digitalisation by launching its new Erasmus+ app!


We know that getting sick is never part of your plans, even when you are going to live your first Erasmus adventure.


Spend between 5 months and receive €1000 living in provinces with less than 5000 inhabitants.


Because studying Vocational Training should not be incompatible with living an amazing experience abroad.


Then it’s time for you to take advantage of this Erasmus project, a unique entrepreneurial programme.


 Roma, the eternal city! Discover what its like to live your Erasmus in Rome, one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Tips for planning your perfect Erasmus


Everything you need to know about sustainable tourism and the best tips for travelling more responsibly.


We are going to verify or debunk some cliché phrases about Erasmus. Have you ever heard any of these Let’s start!


Moving abroad to live as an Erasmus student is great, but doing so with the security that no matter what happens you are in good hands, is even better.

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The Erasmus scholarship has allowed European students to live an experience abroad since 1987 and, after a few changes over these decades, it’s now included in the Erasmus+ scheme. In this section you’ll get to know the latest news regarding Erasmus Plus, so you can apply and live an amazing experience abroad!

Know all the details about the Erasmus+ programme

Bureaucracy is every student’s nightmare, but we at Erasmusu want to make things easier for you and tell you everything about this programme: how to apply, what are the conditions… No more reading long and ambiguous guides and official sites difficult to navigate; check our posts and clear all your doubts regarding Erasmus+!

Types of Erasmus grants and Erasmus+ opportunities

Did you know that there is life beyond traditional Erasmus exchange grants? There are dozens of Erasmus+ opportunities and activities! Erasmus for university studies, for internships, for VET studies, for young entrepreneurs, for teachers… Whether you are studying at university, have chosen a vocational training programme, or are a recent graduate and want to learn how to start your own business, we have the information you were looking for! Discover all the scholarships that the Erasmus+ programme has to offer and apply for the one that best suits you!

Explore the best places to go on Erasmus

If you are not sure where to go on Erasmus, browse our website and discover the best Erasmus places by reading the stories of other Erasmus students who have already returned from the best experience of their lives. Read carefully and decide which is the Erasmus destination that best suits your preferences. If you have already started your Erasmus, share with the others how it went and help other students to choose the ideal Erasmus city!