About Us



Our values

We are passionate about mobility between countries, travel and experiences abroad. We want to reach every student in the world, help them in whatever they may need and be part of their next adventure.

What we offer



We have a wide variety of accommodation abroad. Start looking early and book risk-free thanks to our Flexible Cancellation program.

Personalised advice

Our team will be at your disposal to help you finding accommodation, a roommate, or even the course that best suits your preferences.

language courses

Erasmusu Education offers a wide range of language courses to choose, the icing on the cake to your experience abroad!

100% online

You can explore accommodation, courses or experiences and book what you need from the comfort of your own home.

student social network

You can contact other users who have been or will be to your destination city through our private messages system.

student insurance

To avoid unforeseen events during your experience, we offer a student travel insurance for students going abroad.